US Ambassador is in Parliament to decide next steps for his fascist junta


US Ambassador and the unofficial Macedonian Prime Minister Jess Baily was seen entering Parliament escorted by police this evening around 6pm.

Local media reported he is meeting with Zaev and Xhaferi in the latter’s office. We’ve reported earlier that Baily has already told Zaev that he doesn’t want early elections, and the name change must be implemented one way or another – including but not limited to death threats against opposition MPs.

Baily is coordinating with Zaev on next steps. Speculations are that since they don’t have enough MPs for a vote, to cancel today’s session and schedule it for Wednesday. However, the risk with this move is losing the few MPs that Zaev has allegedly gained.

The second option is continue with pressure, threats and bribery long into the night until more MPs ‘crack’.

Unofficially, numerous MPs are furious and are seeking police assistance, only for the police to blackmail them further. MPs are relaying what is happening in Parliament to their families and the info is then disseminated to the public which has only added more fuel to the fire.

VMRO’s coordinator Janushev at a brief press conference stated one of their MPs was offered 1m and another 2m euros earlier in the day. Other were offered cars, buildings… anything for a vote.

Will VMRO betray their people, again?

Once again, we are not sure why is VMRO present in Parliament… They could have avoided ALL of this by simply not being in Parliament – let them vote! As opposition, SDS was never in Parliament, why is VMRO subjecting their MPs to this? Unless, this “theater” is all pre-arranged and the VMRO is in on it.

Tonight in Skopje people en masse are speculating the opposition is in on it…Lets hope we’re all wrong.