US Ambassador Jess Baily orders 8 DPNE MPs and BESA to US Embassy


Because Zoran Zaev was unable to convince the 8 renegade MPs and BESA to vote for the name change until late last night, the US Ambassador once again was asked to manage the situation – writes journalist Milenko Nedelkovski on his FB profile.

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Apparently the problems appeared after BESA requested that in addition to the name change and demoting Macedonians across the Constitution, they also remove the word “Macedonian” in front of citizenship.

As a result, Jess Baily angry with the newly developed situation has asked all the “problematic” MPs to appear this morning at the US Embassy.

But, all is well, in the next few days the US Ambassador will send a letter to all MPs asking them to sign a document where they state they’ve never met.