US Ambassador Jess Baily tries to bribe additional VMRO MPs


The blackmail and bribing of VMRO MPs has not ended. In fact, MINA finds it’s been greatly intensified. The 80 MPs in Parliament who voted to open the proceedings on Constitutional changes are not enough.
The DPNE has asked these MPs to quit their mandates, however, while two wanted to do it, they now can’t due to the huge money they have taken in bribes from the US Embassy through Zaev’s intermediaries.

MINA finds Zaev delegated two of DUI’s top officials to try and recruit GROM’s Stevco Jakimovski and his MP Panco Minov who has been blackmailed with a jail sentence by the SPO. Despite their attempts, DUI weren’t able to recruit the two.

The US Embassy who is defacto running Macedonia is now buying time through offering ‘amnesty’ available only to the MPs who voted in Parliament.
During this time, another recruitment drive is underway for more VMRO MPs. The bribing of MPs have taken a significant hit after Mijalkov was publicly outed as the main recruiter leveraged by the US Embassy. Mijalkov not just that brought bags of cash with him, but used his criminal connections to intimidate MPs by entering their homes with armed men.

The DPNE has expelled Mijalkov from the party, thus impacting his future influence over other MPs.
Mijalkov was not expelled because he successfully blackmailed and recruited 7 MPs. He was removed because Mijalkov together with other SDS implants Janchev and Todorov met at the Marriott Hotel and tried to blackmail/bribe numerous local/county VMRO officials into removing Mickoski from the party’s leadership and taking over the party, putting it under Baily’s control.

Macedonia’s Game of Thrones got more complicated as BESA announced they would not vote for the Republic of North (as most Macedonians mockingly call it), unless a new law is inserted into the Constitution making the albanian language official. In 2016 the Albanian mafia gave Zaev substantial money to implement the Tirana platform of CIA jihadist John Brennan.
This brings into question Baily’s 7 traitors from the DPNE, will they support it, or will they ask for a million or two extra as this was not part of their agreement!?

Hence, Baily’s effort to recruit more MPs. 80 MPs are not enough, not to mention the legal requirement is 81.

As irony would have it, the current amnesty offered to traitor MPs who voted in Parliament is being handed down by UCK’s Xhaferi, himself an amnestied terrorist.

And where is the president in all this? Macedonians now see Ivanov in the same category as Mijalkov.
A note on Mickoski. He recently stated “IF those 7 MPs didn’t sell out, we’d have early elections and Zaev would be history”.
Yes Micko, indeed. IF MINA had a 1000 cows, and those cows were cars, we’d have a dealership.
And Micko, any plans to grow a pair? Announce protests, join Levica and remove your Jehovah witnesses MPs who always appear in Parliament to sell us out!

  • Macedonian Forever

    Exactly right in this article… Where are our people to show their patriotism and do a massive protest about our name and identity? ESPECIALLY WHERE is VMRO to lead and to do SOMETHING about this abomination? We know Apasiev is at least trying.
    Ako vodam pratime…. remember boys.
    I am truly saddened by what I have witnessed to date.

    • Jim Glig

      What can Mickoski do when 20% of his team are traitors and sold the party for money or freedom from Zaefs corrupted jail system.

      • Macedonian Forever

        What can he do? He can lead FFS! Isn’t that what he said in his speech? He and the committee’s should be rallying the public and organizing protests. He should embrace ALL like minded brothers and sisters including Apasiev. He should be helping and demanding that Ivanov as president and leader of what little armed forces we have be deployed in the defense of our constitution and country! The referendum failed and therefore the treaty is invalid. Now let’s arrest ALL members of parliament for TREASON!

  • V.M.

    Not to worry, the CIAUSAid will give Zaev another “aid package” of $20m that will pay for more votes.
    As for the Constitutional changes, they are rather horrific, Macedonia and Macedonians will be wiped out, instead the country will be set up as “people” like the GMO US, with no national origins.

    • Jim Glig

      Make up your mind, VMRO was selling us and now you want em to save Macedonian name?
      There is a shit load of dickheads who don’t give a shit about the name, as long as they can make some money, unfortunately, it’s a dream and it will be a dream forever.
      If EU wanted Albanians in their Union, why didn’t they included Albania in the Union?
      EU are sick of their Muslims, why should they take more with Macedonia?
      VMRO survived through much harder times during the Ottoman period and will survive again, like it or not.

      • Goran Stavreski

        Thanks DPNE’s press secretary for your input.
        Don’t worry, DPNE isn’t saving anything or anyone. I for one will never ever ever cast a vote again for them.

  • Jim Glig

    DPNE HAS M IN THE MIDDLE and it’s called DPMNE.
    SDSM on the other hand has sold out Macedonia, and has lost M and It’s SDS

    • V.M.

      You for real? VMRO has been selling us out for a decade..

      • Jim Glig

        And SDS toom 15 months to sell Macedonian History and Macedonian name. Shame on DPMNE, couldn’t do the same for 11 years. Get a Life.