US diplomat believes Macedonia is not f-ed enough, calls on “opposition” to assist


American acting Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker called on the opposition DPNE party to support US Embassy’s proposed law on state prosecutors. In a joint press conference with Zaev, during which no mention was made of the criminal allegations against the still acting Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, Reeker insisted that the law that would make the illegal office permanent is necessary for Macedonia to begin its accession talks with the European Union. As a reminder, Reeker himself was personally involved in installing the SPO which was then used as a racketeering office to blackmail MPs and force them to sign off on the renaming of the country.

DPNE, whose blackmailed leadership is also under US control supports the law in principle, but rejected Zaev’s nomination of another of his loyalists, prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, to take the place of Katica Janeva. Zaev threatened to adopt the law unilaterally, ramming it through Parliament as he did with the amendments to rename Macedonia earlier this year, unless the opposition comes around to his position by early September when Janeva’s mandate expires.

Reeker expressed his “admiration” for all that Macedonia has achieved, namely the Prespa treaty with Greece that renames the country and dangled the prospects of a “bright and positive future, and economic growth” if the country persists in the imposed name change. His visit coincided with the decision by a Committee of the US Senate to move forward with the ratification of the NATO protocol which will be sent before the full Senate.

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