US Elections: GA recount unveils 2nd memory card with 2,755 omitted votes


second memory card with uncounted votes was found during an audit in Fayette County, Georgia, containing 2,755 votes according to WSBTV’s Justin Gray.

The newfound ballots decreases Biden’s statewide lead over President Trump by 449, leaving the margin at just 12,929 votes.

The news comes one day after 2,600 uncounted ballots were found on another memory card in Floyd County, GA – which were mostly cast for President Trump.

According to county election officials, human error is to blame in Floyd County.

“It’s not an equipment issue. It’s a person not executing their job properly,” said Gabriel Sterling, the state’s voting system manager. “This is the kind of situation that requires a change at the top of their management side.”

Sterling referred to the 1st memory card as an “amazing blunder” – after which Floyd County Board of Elections director, Robert Brady, was asked to step down following the ‘error’ which was discovered on Sunday.