US gives permission to imbecile Zaev to purchase Chinese vaccines


After failing to obtain a single dose of the US or British produced vaccines, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce today announced that the first shipments Macedonia can expect in February or March will come from China. Initially the Government refused offers from Russia for its vaccine, and was counting on Pfizer, but now, as the minister of the last country in Europe that still hasn’t received a single vaccine for its citizens, Filipce said that he is purchasing 200,000 Chinese shots.

Soon we will know the date of delivery. They will be used on all priority groups, Filipce said.

Asked about the U-turn, after insisting for months that Macedonia belongs in the West and by default cannot purchase anything from the East, Macedonia’s village idiot Zoran Zaev said that he was in contact with Washington and was told by the overlords that purchasing Chinese vaccines is the sovereign right of every country and will not be a geo-political issue with the US/NATO.