US State Department told Africa is not a country


“The United States is committed to supporting free and fair elections, including the upcoming elections across Africa. We will not hesitate to consider consequences – including visa restrictions – for those who undermine democracy,” Pompeo tweeted in a separate Thursday statement that mirrored the news release’s language.

However, some folks quickly picked up on the vague wording and lack of focus of Pompeo’s statement.

Some of the elections coming up on the African continent in the next few months include Tanzania’s general election on October 28, Cote D’Ivoire’s presidential election on October 31, Burkina Faso’s general election on November 22 and Ghana’s general election on December 7.

​Before being appointed to his present position in March 2018, Pompeo was director of the Central Intelligence Agency for 15 months, an agency that has worked hard over the last 75 years to ensure that only pro-US governments stay in power in African nations, even if they are highly undemocratic.