USAid creates infomercial teaching muslims how to move/settle to Macedonia


Here is our “strategic partners” from Washington, through USAid creating instructional videos telling muslim migrants how to quickly obtain help from the Government to quickly settle and integrate into the country.
The video teaches the soon to arrive migrants how to obtain documents, residence and citizenship, financial assistance for two years, free education & housing.

That’s right, the country that’s 100% responsible for the creation of refugees world-wide is using them as weapons to destabilize dozens of countries and change their demographics while refusing to accept the same refugees themselves.

The SDS with USAid assistance plans on settling at least 60,000 people late 2019 and early 2020 which will be given documents in time to vote for the Parliamentary elections.  These are the “unwanted” refugees in the EU which will turn Macedonia into an ISIS depot.

Media24 is reporting that Macedonia’s psychotic and illegitimate Government has signed documents approving 500,000 muslim migrants in the country! We don’t know whether this is achievable, however since the Tirana Platform does call for splitting of Macedonia, one can see the role these muslim migrants will have in a future Referendum.