VMRO will win next elections if they simply Quit Parliament + Ivanov needs to Wake Up


The Macedonian people have spoken. They completely delegitimized an already illegitimate Government during the referendum on September 30th.

Ironically, the only people giving any sort of legitimacy to Baily’s criminal junta are the opposition by attending ludicrous charades in Parliament.

SDS’ attempt to change the name via a referendum and then in Parliament despite not having the legitimacy to do it, has failed. Early elections now are simply a must. The only question that many Macedonians today are asking is what is the comatose opposition doing in Parliament? What are they attending, what are they debating, who are they having debates with?

If the DPNE keeps to their word and will not support a name change, simply quit Parliament. Why is Zaev’s stay in power needlessly prolonged?

Zaev may not change the name, but he has certainly bankrupted the country. It’s the Murtino gift that keeps on giving. In less than a year, Macedonia was indebted for over 1.8 Billion euros, today for additional 53m euros. Why is the opposition prolonging this misery?

Our sources proved correct. Zaev will be debating the name change in the coming days, or until the day they can bribe 9 MPs with millions of dollars. A new debate is scheduled for tomorrow.

If the DPNE wants any chance to get an overwhelming election win, they must quit Parliament. The sooner they quit, the bigger their victory will be.

Everything else will only anger people further.

Time for Ivanov to Wake Up

Macedonia’s sleeping president, Gjorgje Ivanov has the right to revoke, yes, revoke the Government mandate given to Zaev, a result of hundreds of criminal and unconstitutional acts by the Government.

At this point, after Zaev has brought the country in a subordinate position to another country (in itself a major criminal act), president Ivanov needs to protect the legal framework (Article 84-1) and the Constitution itself which has been placed in a blender by Baily’s criminal junta.

Ivanov also bears criminal responsibility if he lets these charades continue, and considering he is a Constitutional scholar, he is fully aware of this fact.

Revoke Zaev’s Government mandate.

In another news, former VMRO culture minister Elizabeta Kancevska Milevska is very interested in $2.5m offered by Jess Baily. During her days as Minister she was known for living the high life, big fan of crisscrossing Paris and Rome, enjoys Prada, Versace… she and Rangelova have certainly taken a bite…

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  • Macedonian Forever

    Yes, walkout of parliament and then it is easier for President Ivanov to send in the MACEDONIAN ARMY and arrest ALL of the treasonous bastards!

  • Goran Stavreski

    If they walk out like Marija say, the SDS kunts can debate with themselves and will have to call early elections… the SDS cannot do anything without VMRO MPs, by staying in Parliament they act as “Enablers” and are actually assisting Baily’s terrorist junta.

    • Maco

      The DPMNE talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. It is not hard to know what to do and that is quit the parliament. It is of serious concern that they won’t. They continually follow in the footsteps of the junta government. I sense this is leading to one single conclusion – some DPMNE politicians will accept the bribes and vote for the name change in parliament. So far there has been no signs that anyone in Macedonia is willing to fight for their country, identity, history and future. Shame really when you see that other countries fight for things that are less precious.

  • Maco

    President Ivanov is the head of the Macedonian state. He swore to protect and defend Macedonia and the people. All of this stupidity started with him when he gave the mandate to psycho Zaev. It could end with him simply by revoking the mandate. He will not do it because he is weak, gutless and scared. He is allowing psycho Zaev to bribe DPMNE politicians and threaten those who will not vote for the name change. Ivanov has allowed psycho Zaev to repeatedly and openly betray the Macedonian people and to break the law and the constitution. The longer this stupidity goes on the greater the chance that psycho Zaev will successfully bribe enough politicians to vote for the name change. I have no respect for Ivanov who just watches whilst his country is destroyed and his people falsely imprisoned as well as demoralised, impoverished, and betrayed.

  • vistina

    Quit the consitution discussions. It has less than 1/3 support of the populations and this includes all the lowlife bribed bastards and the government employees threatened with job loss.

    The Refernedum FAILED. Kotsias has RESIGNED. Ahmeti is avoiding early elections because DUI vote has been collapsing from 15% in 2014 election to 7% in 2016 election and after referendum debacle it will be lower.

    VMRO-DPME to stop discussing the failed referendum. Walk out of parliament, they have that option and right. Zaev is failing on all fronts. Keep pressure on Zaev and he will fail very soon and REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA will be saved.

  • vistina

    Same mess in 2017 Tsipras takes over Kotsias duties https://cyprus-mail.com/2017/01/15/talks-halted-greek-ministers-attitude/

    Kotsias accused of “improperly managing secret Foreign Ministry funds” and being a “man of Soros”. Tsipras did not defend Kotsias and he resigned. https://frontnews.eu/news/en/38865