VMRO’s Milososki: Bomb planted in my Father’s House


A bomb was planted in the father’s house of VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki, which he claims is a threat due to his political views.

Milososki says in a Facebook post that bomb squads deactivated a bomb planted at the back door of his father’s house in village Iziste, near Kichevo.

“Luckily my parents did not heavily push the door and my father noticed the device and reported it to the police. I expect the perpetrators to be found by the competent authorities. I consider this threat as pressure towards me due to my political activities and views”, says Milososki.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that an explosive device was planted at the entrance door in the basement of the house. Milososki’s father last visited the house a month ago and did not notice anything back then.

The irony is that VMRO-DPMNE is still ‘the Government’ and is getting a taste of what it will be like as an opposition with police and the army in the hands of DUI and SDS.