Vote postponed for January 10th after BESA insists on removing “Macedonian” from citizenship


The announced vote for Constitutional changes that will change Macedonia’s constitutional name did not happen, although Zoran Zaev spoke in Parliament thanking all those who promised to give a vote in the Assembly.

Zaev thanked BESA, DUI, DPA, the deputies of VMRO-DPMNE and Pancho Minov who, according to Zaev, has embedded himself quite nicely in the constitutional changes. Minov is an MP for the Citizen Option party under Stevco Jakimovski. We’ve reported in the past that Minov was offered cash to switch sides.

The public considers VMRO-DPMNE MPs and others from the “opposition” who received their mandate thanks to the votes of the citizens who were against the name change as the most responsible for the change of the constitutional name. Now, on that list Pancho Minov is added.

The vote is delayed for tomorrow because 2 BESA MPs insisted on removing “Macedonian” from the citizenship and thus could not secure the 2/3 of the votes.

DPNE “joins” protests, get booed by masses

DPNE’s leader Hristijan Mickoski after doing Zaev’s bidding in Parliament for months, decided to show up to protest with the masses in front of Parliament. However, the gathered Macedonians are not buying what this fake patriot is selling. He was loudly booed, so much so he decided not to hold a speech.

  • Zun Haal

    macedonia Kosovo number 2 soon insallah

  • Serres Makethonia

    Protest to what? Entry to UN and EU.
    No Thanks!
    As far as the Prespa deal goes this deal is the best Makedonia will ever recieve.
    Take it and run I say.

    • Zun Haal

      Macedonia will be Kosovo number 2 soon insallah.

  • Athan Paris

    So, the Skopje entity having changed it’s name 4 times in the last hundred years, has decided this time the Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia should be it’s name, and that they speak and read Makedonski, and that they should be Makedonski. Within the next ten years the Albanian minority -which already has been given Autonomy in order to vote for the treasonous Prespa Pact, will have enough power to leave Skopje and form the second Kosovo. All this to enter the impotent NATO and give 2% of Skopje GDP for American weaponry to protect themselves…from who..?..Skopje has bi lateral military relations with Turkey and the US. What fear..?…what attacks..?..from who..??..This “Russian interference”is really US State dept. propaganda which really means “Western Expansionism”. The Skopje entity would best be served looking at what the EU did to Greece, how they raped the country of it’s wealth and natural resources, national utilities. Skopje is ripe for the picking….The name should be “Republic of Dardania”….Macedonia, and all it represents- is three thousand years Greek.