Vucic: EU will fund high speed Railway from Belgrade to Macedonian border


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that the European Union has agreed to co-fund the construction of a high-speed railway line through Serbia to Macedonia. The railroad will link Belgrade with Nis and Leskovac to the Macedonian border at Tabanovce.

This is a fantastic project that will change everything. The trip to Skopje will be 3.5 hours, that’s faster than a plane, and the price is incredible, Vucic said.

It actually takes less than 1 hour by plane between Belgrade and Skopje, but we’ll forgive Vucic, he is clearly excited, and should be.

The Serbian President added that the EU will contribute at least 35 percent of the cost of the project and will include it in its Green Agenda. Serbia played the EU against China, which was also interested in building a high-speed railway line between the port of Piraeus near Athens to Budapest, crossing through Macedonia and Serbia on the way. Vucic said that he asked the EU to make a better offer, and it did.