Yemen keeps pounding Western Cargo Ships as US and British Naval Armada proves useless


The Iran- and Russia-backed Houthis claimed to have attacked four more cargo ships in their biggest attack in 24 hours.

The Houthis prove day by day that the situation is developing into a great naval tragedy for the West. The American Admiral absolutely confirmed: The West’s greatest naval operation has failed miserably.

The Houthis also claimed that the attacks were carried out on “three fronts”, according to Al-Ain media in the United Arab Emirates.

Houthi Spokesman Yahya Shari says their military recently targeted the following ships in various maritime areas:

-The “MSC Unific VI” was hit in the Arabian Sea

-The “Delonix” Oil Tanker in the Red Sea

-The “Lucky Silver” General Cargo in the Mediterranean Sea

-The cargo ship “Anvil Point” in the Indian Ocean.

From the layout of the ships and the map, it appears that the Houthis are carrying out to the letter the orders of Russia and Iran to impose a “naval blockade” in the An-Mediterranean-Suez-Erythra region.

If Hezbollah enters the game, then the entire region will become a theater of conflict. And maybe we have some surprises.

The Houthis are now directly threatening American aircraft carriers as they are simply sitting ducks.