Zaev and Nina Gruper used budget and stimulus funds to pay employees of their private companies


DPNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski called on Zoran Zaev and the recently removed Finance Minister Nina Gruper Angelovska to return the money their companies collected from the coronavirus stimulus package which their Government put in place.

Stoilkovski pointed out that Zaev’s Elenica plant that produces construction materials, and which has revenue in the millions of euros, collected 13,000 EUR in stimulus from the public budget. Angelovska approved the payment of a little under 10,000 EUR to one of her online trading companies

VMRO calls on Zaev and Angelovska to pay back the corona stimulus funds given to their companies
Nina (Gruper) Angelovska and Zoran Zaev

We believe this constitutes abuse of office and damaging the public budget, a criminal act that is punishable by at least four years in prison. Zaev and Angelovska can’t use taxpayers’ money to support companies run by them or their close family members. We call on them to pay the money back as soon as possible, and on the state prosecutors to investigate the selective approval of distribution of corona aid, Stoilkovski said.

The Anti-Corruption Commission said that it is investigating the approval process in the cases where companies owned by Angelovska received aid while she was Finance Minister.