Zaev asked not to visit Firemen and to stay away from their food


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev has been on a PR campaign for three days straight ever since Macedonia’s Prime Minister Kate Byrnes summoned him from a Greek beach.

Zaev us visiting both Macedonian and foreign firefighters, snapping photos with them, eating their food and getting in his Mercedes and onto the next photo-op opportunity.

MINA finds it’s important for the SDSM PR team to have Zaev take as many photos with firemen as possible after the negative publicity of photos surfacing where Zaev is enjoying sunbathing in the Mediterranean while Macedonia is burning.

But Zaev wouldn’t be Zaev if he doesn’t do something ‘special’. Namely, the SDSM leader and Murtino messiah has worked up quite the appetite after returning from vacation and during each photo-op session he helped himself to food that was brought in for the firemen.

Rather hilariously, the firemen have half-joked with Zaev telling him that his visit is not necessary adding that he should certainly stay away from the food meant for them.

Time for Photo-op session