Zaev begs EU leaders: “Dont became our obstacle, I white you to be our heros”


Passionate speech by a man who can’t read. This will surely open the doors to the EU.

Asking France for a favor, and then getting their flag wrong!

  • Tony

    Absolute retard
    Name change all in Vain
    Son of whore.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Absolute insult to the human race. What a retard!

  • Goran Stavreski

    Hahaha I kinda like him, my dog is smarter than this guy.

  • Serres Makethonia

    So far every leader North Makedonia has had has publicly stated to the World that Macedonia is Greek and Makedonija is Slav with no connections to the legacy or history of ancient Greek Macedonia.
    1:Kiro Gligorov publicly stated we are Slavs we are not related to the Macedonians of Alexander the Great whom were Greek.

    2: Lupjo Giorgevski publicly stated we are Bulgarians and Macedonian History belongs to Greece.

    3: Zoran Zaev Alexander and Macedonia History belongs to the Greeks.

    Ask yourselves why are your leaders telling the Truth and you Budals are in fantasy land.