Zaev: If EU won’t take us, we’ll bring EU in Macedonia


If we somehow continue to be blocked in front of NATO and the EU, we will have to bring EU and NATO to Macedonia, because there is no other way, said SDS leader Zoran Zaev, answering a journalist question at today’s press conference after the signing of the memorandum of cooperation with the Geneva Center for democratic control of the armed forces.

Asked if the government had a different plan if no solution to the name issue with Greece was reached, Zaev responded that the reforms are Plan B, as the government is elected to promote the lives of citizens.

– Of course, we have Plan B. You see that we are implementing reforms, although we know that we need to solve the political questions. We are committed to the economy, because GDP, capital investments, attracting domestic and foreign investments are something that means life, Zaev said. In reality the SDS leader has given his brother tens of millions of Euros in Government contracts that include transportation, logistics, road infrastructure etc.

He pointed out that even if the EU and NATO did not exist, they would work on reforms and improve the system for providing a better quality of life for the citizens.

According to Zaev, the change of the name of the country was great for Macedonia, regardless whether the country enters NATO or the EU.

  • Its Just Me

    Its true.. We are bringing EU in every time they visit us.. but then they leave..
    Or we can all leave for EU :)))