Zaev’s police junta kidnaps former SDS Official Ljupcho Palevski


Former high ranking SDS official Ljupcho Palevski was detained (kidnapped) by police this evening, allegedly on request by the SPO. However, the SPO mandate officially ended in July, thus any sort of request for arrest by the SPO is illegal.

Things become a bit more clearer if one takes into account who and more importantly what Palevski did during the past year and why this arrest by the SDS junta is not at all surprising.

Ljupco Palevski was former high ranking SDS official and close collaborator of Branko Crvenkovski, however removed himself once Zaev took over the party. Palevski during the past year was very active in outing Zaev’s alliance with the Albanian mafia and the fact he received a property from them in Switzerland as a ‘gift’. Palevski later posted photos of SDS officials meeting with CIA operatives in a Skopje coffee shop at midnight few weeks before the elections.

In addition, Palevski on his FB profile on several occasions has stated the US Ambassador runs the country, Zaev simply receives his marching orders. Palevski went as far to say, Zaev receives written notes on his desk what his daily tasks are.

To say that Palevski was a marked man by Prime Minister Baily would be an understatement.
Just as in previous incidents, police has not released any information where was Palevski taken, or on what charges he was detained in the first place.

Update: Palevski has been released from custody. In a short interview with Skopje based media he stated his “activity” on FaceBook and YouTube was the reason for his detainment.