Zaev to mark Ilinden with Borisov in Blagoevgrad


Political analyst Aleksandar Pandov ironically tells SDS leader Zoran Zaev that the power is in unity before leaving for Upper Jumaya, where with Borisov he will celebrate Ilinden for the second year in a row.

“Zaev tomorrow will celebrate Ilinden together with Borisov in Upper Jumaya, meant to show “един народ две държави”, and also to check how far the fools have gotten with fabrication of history, to create a “new”, common history that has nothing to do with history. Just hang in there “съединението прави силата” remarked Pandov to traitor Zaev with a great deal of irony using the Bulgarian language.

Zaev and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov will jointly mark the 115th anniversary of the Ilinden uprising tomorrow in Blagoevgrad, the government’s press service announced. Zaev went through quite an embarrassing fiasco in Krushevo last year, when barely 100 people showed up just to shout at the traitor as he walked by. At the time, as if from a movie scene, Zaev was surrounded by at least 30 bodyguards. Typically, Krushevo sees over 130,000 visitors every Ilinden.

Zaev and Borisov will participate in the ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers at the monument of Goce Delchev, at square “Macedonia” in Blagoevgrad.

The chief of police Oliver Spasovski who was also on the receiving end of insults and “traitor” chants last year, will join Zaev in Blagoevgrad as well. On the Bulgarian side, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria, Krasimir Karakachanov, will attend the anniversary.

Ivanov pleaded with Macedonians to visit Krushevo like in the old Ilinden days, particularly now that Zaev is not attending, however Macedonians from what we’ve seen will largely ignore Ivanov’s request. It’s difficult to attend any national holiday with traitors running the show.

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