Zaev to think if he’ll accept Filipce’s fake resignation


Zaev doesn’t have all the facts about the fire in Tetovo’s makeshift hospital which took 15 lives, so far – another patient died today from his injuries sustained in the fire.

Zaev said there is an ongoing investigation, conducted by the highest (and widest) professionals the SDSM could find. One of these investigative professionals was captured on video below…

Filipce’s resignation, as we reported a fortnight ago is just a publicity stunt and nothing else. Venko ‘offered’ his resignation to Zaev, his party boss. In reality, if Filipce had any shred of decency, he should have sent his resignation to Parliament, as the law requires, not to Zaev.

MINA finds this whole charade was pre-arranged between Zaev and his partner in crime Filipce – You offer me your resignation, and I won’t accept it.

The only problem for Filipce now is that we find he is getting threats from the families of those who perished in the fire. In addition, facts are coming out that the modular object was built with the cheapest and poorest quality materials that weren’t fire-proof, which in itself is a crime.

Stay tuned…