Zaev told Borisov he plans on using SPO to jail VMRO’s leadership


SDS leader Zoran Zaev was in close contact with Bulgaria’s PM Boyko Borisov long before the coup. The two frequently exchanged SMS messages, and Zaev visited Sofia three times this year – reports Republika.

Zaev is more popular among the Bulgarian Government officials than Borisov himself, reports Republika. The bromance between traitor Zaev and official Sofia begun when the SDS leader took intercepted communication of Macedonian Government officials given to him by MI6 and the CIA and gave it to officials in Sofia! This act would result in the death penalty in every country, particularly in the United States.

Since then, Zaev has formed a strong bond with Borisov, but even the Bulgarian PM was taken aback by Zaev’s behavior, reports Republika.

On May 20th, Zaev had agreed to sign an ‘agreement’ with Sofia that would meet all the needs and requirements of the Bulgarian Government.
However, Borisov shocked by how easy things have become, and being much wiser than Zaev, asked the SDS leader that it would be prudent for him to get the approval of the VMRO-DPMNE for this agreement, because tomorrow, if they come to power, they can nullify the agreement.

Zaev told Borisov there is no need to get VMRO-DPMNE on board because the plan is to jail the leadership of the party and remove them from politics.

Borisov remained confused with Zaev’s response and didn’t say anything, reports Republika.

According to the Skopje daily, Zaev had arranged the ‘agreement’ with Sofia before he was installed in power, the recent visit to Bulgaria was only a formality for the public.

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    Ops, Zaev would have used his brain, but he sold it long ago :))))))