Zaev wishes everyone “Have a New Year” from Solun


Citizens of Macedonia – some at home with family and friends others at parties in pubs, restaurants or clubs – welcomed the New Year.

The City of Skopje cancelled the New Year’s outdoor event which was supposed to take place in ‘Macedonia’ square. Funds planned to organize the celebration will be donated for unspecified charity.

The Municipality of Center in Skopje organized a party on New Year’s eve in downtown Skopje with performances by Macedonian bands and pop singers.

Money collected at the party will be donated to a 16-year old teenage boy, who needs a bone marrow transplant and to be operated in Italy.

The Macedonian capital has been decorated in a festive spirit throughout December.

The SDS leader Zoran Zaev invited himself to a new year event in Solun, hosted by the city’s mayor Yiannis Boutaris. During the event, Zaev wished everyone at the event to “Have a New year”.

Macedonian social media users vented their frustration online that Zaev’s presence in Solun cost taxpayers 100,000 euros, considering he wasn’t even invited to the event. Some hinted it is an SDS tradition to spend important moments in Solun, alluding to the fact the SDS leadership went to Solun during Macedonia’s independence vote.

The new DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski spent his holidays in Strumica.

  • Its Just Me

    Well he just does not feel “at home” in Macedonia, after all his done last year ((dirty conscience and all) he has to leave the country…
    I hope he does not come back!!! 🙂 that will be really good news.. 🙂