Zaev: Yes, Macedonian companies won’t be allowed to use “Made in Macedonia”


In the capitulation signed by Zaev, as explained by the SDSM leader at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the right to non-exclusion on this issue has been defined. “If we do not agree and do not agree on this issue, it does not mean that the Agreement is invalid” stated Zaev.

According to Zaev, we have no problem whether “Made in Macedonia” will write for the region of Macedonia or the state Macedonia. But because of the new name, Macedonian companies won’t have such right, instead the exclusivity of it has been given to the Greek side.

There are no aspirations to take our rights. The final goal is within three years of the verification of the agreement, to discuss the two countries because some Greek producers may want to use “Made in Macedonia” and here we have agreed the right to non-exclusivity. Our right is their right. We have no problem whether “Made in Macedonia” will write for the region of Macedonia or for our Macedonia, as a state. However, a period of three years has been left to give Greece’s businesses the chance to make their own decision. If they decide to have Made in Macedonia on their products, we are good with it. Greek producers may have issues with Macedonian companies using “Made in Macedonia” and can block it, but this is after three years – explained Zaev.

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