Zaev’s #1 Fake Priest Pimen goes to Switzerland – big mistake


Македонската Дијаспора извикува:„Така, така! Покажи му на тој расколникот таму!!!“Му покажаа Македонско 16 крако сонце…Пимен во Швајцарија, за Водици 2019 година…

Posted by Goce Nikoloski on Saturday, January 19, 2019

Отец Пимен за Богојавление Христиво – Водици воЖенева – Швајцарија, извикан предавник,исвиркан и со клетви од нашинците денеска!Изгледајте го видеото за да видите како се пречекуваат предавниците!

Posted by Violeta Petkovska on Saturday, January 19, 2019

What priest strolling in a Porsche doesn’t want to get abused by his non-followers?

“Priest” Pimen is one of them, despite being warned by the Macedonians in Switzerland not to attend their Epiphany on Lake Lausanne, he went there anyways.

Verbal abuse followed…

“Priest” Pimen similarly to his boss, traitor Stefan, has been very active in lobbying for the changing of Macedonia’s name, as well as the selling out of the MOC to the Bulgarian church.

  • Lena

    The devil 👿 in a priests cloak. Someone set the gps in his porsche to his place of worship, hell. May he not return.

  • Goran Stavreski

    This Pimen guy… have been following him for a decade… the worst human being you can imagine… a gambler, involved with prostitution, has sold his soul to the devil apparently since birth, involved with numerous financial schemes, drives around in Porsches (like all Priests should – $150,000 car!), 100% involvement in all anti-Macedonian activities (name, church, language). And this guy is a Priest!?
    Even Satan is afraid to recruit Pimen because he knows this guy is overqualified and would take his job!

  • V.M.

    I like the guy telling him “Za koi mnogu godini predavnik, MRSH”. There are so many wrong things with this guy… normal people would melt from embarrassment, this guy appears very proud for being scolded by ordinary Macedonians… even goes in front of camera… what a sad creature…

  • neutrinoz

    Tar and feathers.