Zaev’s junta spent $1.5m euros on Vaseline for LGBT, sends people to jail for $600k for State Vehicle


The government of Nikola Gruevski purchase of a vehicle (bullet proof Mercedes) that meets all the world’s security standards at a cost of 600,000 euros in order for the state to have worthy conditions for welcoming high-ranking foreign guests, and three people have thus far being jailed for, today Zaev’s junta made a decision to purchase Vaseline worth 1.5 million euros so homosexuals could have a better time …

And yes, we do realize this can be interpreted as satire, but we assure you it isn’t.

So far, over the Mercedes purchase, the procurement official at the Ministry of Interior received a 6.5 years jail sentence, Gruevski 2 years and Jankulovska 6 years.

The ludicrous vaseline purchase of 1.5m euros is 2.5 higher than the bullet proof Mercedes. How much vaseline can one purchase for 1.5m euros? Either there are 800,000 homosexuals in Macedonia, or Zaev’s junta pocketed 1.45m euros – and we’re quite certain it’s the latter.

Zaev’s government stated the purchase was needed as vaseline protects homosexuals from HIV.

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  • Goran Stavreski

    Remember when the previous Government bought 300,000 laptops for every single student.
    And the phucking psychos buy lubricant for gays?

  • Legenda Patriot

    Wow the mental deficiencies know no boundaries. Get the guillotine now! Stinking f…cking criminals.

  • Wolf

    Hmm. Their has to be more to this story. I Reckon Zaev only bought 1 jar of vaseline from the local corner shop.
    Dipped his fingers in the jar.
    And somehow his sticky fingers got stuck to 1.5 million euros. Looking around the room for any witnesses, he found none. So he stuck his hands in his pocket (with 1.5 mill).and walked out with a mega smile on his face.

  • Wolf

    Don’t say it. Yes he as really deep pockets.