Zaev’s strategy: If you can’t bribe MPs with money, bribe them with more money


We reported few days ago that Zaev had gone ‘missing’ for nearly 10 days after he announced his resignation on October 31st, following the mayoral election debacle in which the SDSM and DUI practically lost all major cities (with the exception of Strumica).

Zaev, however has been busy pressuring and bribing MPs not to vote against his Government junta, following news that the opposition has gathered majority votes to overthrow the already collapsing Government.

One of those MPs who is believed to have accepted a large sum of money from Zaev is Skender Rexhepi, from the Alliance political party. He first signed the petition deposited to Parliament, but several days later had a change of heart. His colleagues in the Alliance disagree with him, with some openly alluding to the fact Rexhepi has been bribed.

On the other hand, Zaev has changed his mind once again and is not quitting the Government or his leadership role at the SDSM. Must be noted, DUI has already “assisted” BESA in Zelino, by backing down in the small Tetovo village. A re-vote was scheduled for Zelino which meant DUI will likely win it the second time around. However BESA complained to the High Court, and DUI through its own controlled judges there helped BESA retain the mayoral spot and cancelled the re-vote.


VMRO-DPMNE MP, Nikola Micevski, called on his colleague from the Alternative party Skender Redzepi to support the government no-confidence vote and to overthrow the criminal government.

After 61 MPs clearly and unequivocally signed the no-confidence motion against the government on Friday, the hybrid regime began a brutal campaign, with pressures, threats and blackmails to trample on human dignity and undermine the credibility of the Macedonian Parliament. Colleague Skender Rexhepi, let us preserve the dignity of the MPs and that is why I call on you together to put an end to the trampling on the MPs by the hybrid regime and in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution, elect 19 MPs from the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group who will submit a new motion to the Parliament for a vote of no confidence in the government of the SDSM/DUI hybrid regime, Micevski said, expressing hope he will stand together with the majority of MPs and thus preserve the dignity of the lawmakers and the reputation of the Macedonian Parliament.