Zoran ‘I am normal’ Zaev: Record investments in Macedonia


Last year we achieved a record number of foreign investments since the country’s independence, this year only two Greek investments amount to 750 million euros, SDS leader Zoran Zaev said, answering parliamentary questions on Wednesday.

There must be a confusion of sorts here, what Zaev meant to say is that last year his junta stole 750m euros.

He said that apart from the 17 realized foreign investments in the country in just 20 months (no one knows what these investments are), six companies have announced their decision to invest in the country since Greece ratified the NATO Accession Protocol.

Besides the Greek companies, we have permission to release the name of a German company. It is the ‘Gerresheimer’ company, with an investment worth 120 million euros and which in ten days will announce its decision at a press conference. Zaev said the same thing of Audi, and the German car maker decided to invest in Serbia instead.

In addition, four weeks ago, Zaev announced the entering of Facebook and Google in Macedonia…