1 individual ‘disappears’ daily in Macedonia – organ harvesting operation?


According to MoI data, 217 people were officially reported missing in 2017, and the number increased in 2018, when the police searched for 246 people. However, the actual numbers may be much higher. The 246 number is obtained mostly thanks to the fact some of the families of the missing persons have reported them missing not just to police, but to local newspapers and on social media.

The Ministry of Interior did not provide information on how many people were found alive, how many were dead, or if they were ever found. Nor does it provide information on what caused their disappearance, Makfax reports.

MINA finds from source in the MoI that there is an ongoing ‘organ harvesting operation’ between Macedonia, Kosovo and Israel. “Organs are sold on the black market often for $100-300,000. People are kidnapped for this purpose” – stated our source. At the moment, Macedonian police are not just not investigating, but there appears to be an ongoing cover-up where even the most basic information is hidden from the public.

Months ago calls on social media by anonymous users who advised for “young people to avoid walking alone at night” should now be taken very seriously.
The number of missing persons in Macedonia compared to 3-5-7 years ago has increased over 2000%.
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Update: The MoI has blocked off the phone # which allows citizens to report missing persons.