Albania ratifies Macedonia’s accession to NATO as Rama is doused with ink


Albania’s parliament on Thursday suspended a session on neighbor Macedonia’s accession to NATO after an opposition lawmaker threw ink at the prime minister.

Lawmakers were to vote to ratify Macedonia’s NATO accession. But the session was disrupted when Lulzim Basha, main opposition center-right Democratic party leader, harshly criticized the leftist government for corruption.

As Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama admonished him, opposition lawmaker Edi Paloka threw ink at Rama.

Paloka was asked to leave the hall and suspended for 10 days from parliament.

Lawmakers later voted unanimously in favor of the NATO accession protocol for Macedonia.

  • Tony

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  • neutrinoz

    Once upon a time I felt human empathy with their sufferings under Xexer Xoxa. Not any more.
    They’ve turned once normal human reactions into weakness. Vanilla into shit.

  • Goran Stavreski

    by the way Rama is an ethnic Vlach, he is not Albanian.
    We have ethnic Vlachs running both Macedonia and Albania.

  • Charlie Bovin

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  • Charlie Bovin

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