Albanian TV Network: Zaev’s Clan, Macedonian Police in charge of Drug Trafficking


After the publication of photos where Macedonia’s deputy Interior Minister Nazim Bushi, was seen staying in the premises of a presidential suite in Istanbul that costs 20,000 Euros per Night, another scandalous piece has arrived at the editorial office of Tv Ora.

The person, who at the moment will not make his identity public because he is expected to receive protection from justice (good luck!), has several audio recordings involving officials of the highest levels in Macedonia discussing drug trafficking. The recording shows Trajche and Zoran Zaev giving each other update of the “deal”, with Zoran Zaev responding with a coded message.

“I think it would be a very famous book if it had been published. In my opinion this book should have as little audience as possible, but of course that’s up to you. Let’s arrange another meeting, next week”.

According to the information that Tv Ora has, the names of high-ranking officials of the SDSM-DUI coalition are included in the audio recordings of the narcotics smuggling network, as well as well-known names of those wearing police uniforms.