Australian FM to visit Macedonia


The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia, Julie Bishop, will visit Macedonia as part of her tour of the region from July 9 to July 15.

During her visit to Skopje, Minister Bishop will meet Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov to discuss a range of bilateral and regional issues, reads a press release on the Australian MoFA’s website. She will also meet with an NGO working with Australian Government support to help end violence against women.

Biship will be the first Australian Foreign Minister to make an official visit to Macedonia, states the press release.

Her Balkan tour also includes stops to Croatia and Serbia where she will hold talks with the countries’ top officials.

The objective of the visits is to strengthen bilateral relations and advance Australia’s economic and security interests in the region, according to the press release.

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    Someone should follow in details the visit of the Australian Foreign Minister. The Australian Foreign Minister is not coming to Macedonia for a small bilateral issue. The USA deep state is using macedonians and serbians in Australia to steal large amount of money from the Australian budget. Some macedonian and serbian health practitioners are making macedonians and serbians in Australia falsely sick in a massive scale in order to steal money from the Australian health and social security system. This has been operating in an organised way for more than a decade, during which time Macedonia and Australia signed a social security agreement, which is mainly used for these illegal operations organised by the USA deep state. In accordance with some evidence I have some macedonian banks are also involved in transfer of these illegally obtained money from Australia to those from the USA deep state. The VMRO probably became aware about some of these operations and maybe they wanted to put an end to these illegal money making adventures. This is specially after Trump was elected, who also wants to put an end to these operations. I believe Russia and China are also working to bring to an end these illegal operations around the world. So, the VMRO lost the government even though they won the election. probably because of this. The USA wanted someone who can continue with these illegal money making operations. Zaev was their perfect choice. The USA also invested in the change of two Prime Ministers in Australia for the very same reason, and in order to establish a double (shadow) administration that will steal money from the Australian budget, which is getting more in debt every day. The USA elite don’t want Trump to destroy their system .The current USA Vice President is Clinton’s dog. Zaev as well. So the USA Vice President and Zaev having a conversation just before the Australian Foreign Minister is coming, could only point in this direction. This is not am allegation against the Australian Foreign Minister. as I don’t know her very much. the minister is maybe coming to question this issues, but I am sure the Minister is not coming just about issues like violence against women.