Baily replacing Mijalkov with Janchev and Todorov


Former high ranking DPNE officials and SDS implants Mitko Janchev and Nikola Todorov met secretly with Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice Zaev in Strumica hotel Sirius.

Multiple individuals saw them enter the hotel, they were easy to spot due to Zaev’s security entourage and tipped off local media. Journalists attempted to interview any of the four after their two hour meeting, as they left the hotel, however Janchev was the only one who briefly spoke neither confirming nor denying the meeting.

Speculations have swirled that with Mijalkov unavailable, Zaev has asked the Kavadarci mayor Mitko Janchev and Nikola Todorov to fill his shoes and keep the renegade DPNE MPs from changing their minds, in addition recruit other MPs to support the name change and other constitutional changes in Parliament.

Both Janchev and Todorov were former high ranking DPNE officials recently expelled from the party and vocal proponents for the name change. Interestingly enough, they were not expelled for supporting the name change, instead were removed from the party after Janchev and Todorov joined by several DPNE officials tried to recruit others within the party to unseat Mickoski from power.

Zaev’s request Todorov and Janchev was to recruit addition DPNE MPs to vote for name change in Parliament.
The counter request made by Todorov and Janchev was for their boss Mijalkov to be freed from jail.