Baily takes over MRTV through USAid


In the premises of the Macedonian Radio Television, an agreement was signed between the Macedonian Radio Television and so called “Macedonian Initiative for Support Program”, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

This coincides with recent announcement by the US State Department that USAid will invest $8m in Serbian, Bosnian and Macedonian state media to ensure a specific US friendly narrative is being sold to the populace.
In Macedonia, this is borderline absurd since MRT is funded by taxpayers.
Here is what the US State Department says on the initiative:

-Through this agreement, the Macedonian Initiative for Support will carry out a comprehensive organizational assessment, including financial analysis of the public service broadcaster Macedonian Radio Television and an assessment that will identify the priority areas for internal reforms, the urgent requirements for resources and the steps needed to meet the EU standards in the field of public services. The agreement is technical support for the Macedonian Radio Television and is in line with the part of the reforms of the public broadcasting service, envisaged in the Plan for Urgent Reform Priorities 3-6-9 of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, according to the announcement of MRT.

This Project is of great importance for the future of the Macedonian Radio Television and its further performance of the public broadcasting service of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.

The full implementation of the agreement is expected to be completed by 30 April 2018.