Busy in Australia: Macedonians and Serbs are guarding Russian Consulate from Ukrainians


Up until yesterday Aussies couldn’t walk their dog outside or have a cup of coffee due to spectacularly overreaching covid-19 mandates.

Things have changed as the Russian military operation begun, everyone forgot about Covid-19, and just like that the MSM focus has shifted on Russia.

As Russia continued its operation to “neutralize” Ukraine becoming just another US base with nukes installed pointing to Moscow, the large diaspora in Australia siding with one or another side have started protesting.

In Australia, the Macedonians and the Serbs have stood by the Russian side, so much so, they have joined forces to protect the Russian Consulate there from incoming protesters who support Ukraine.


Meanwhile, the Macedonian Government is considering making a donation to Ukraine in equipment, something that radar won’t be able to register it…