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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Gondola Service Halted In Venice As Famous Canals Run Dry

Part of Venice's vast network of canals has run dry after unusually low tides and drought conditions. The floating city is built...

Did Biden tumble out of Air Force One in Poland?


Biden tells Americans: Make No Mistake! Friszihnjubs…

And if Americans didn't get this message, they better get this next one from Biden because he has had it...

USA promotes its insanity: Satanic worshipping during Grammy’s

TV host Megyn Kelly panned Sam Smith’s use of nipple covers in a music video as well as...

Russian Banks Dump SWIFT and Connect to Iran’s Payment System SEPAM

All banks of Russia and over 100 banks in several other countries have been connected to Iran’s financial telecommunications system, known...

Davos once again gathers World’s Evil Morons

https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1616259805290577920?s=20&t=HY7O7GznHB-xMFfavJUsQQ https://twitter.com/redvoicenews/status/1615808847544999941?s=20&t=xKEwACLGQCIujM-7sEV-xg https://twitter.com/iluminatibot/status/1616435628849364993?s=20&t=xKEwACLGQCIujM-7sEV-xg

India becomes World’s 3rd Largest Automobile Market

India has officially booted Japan out of the number three spot in the global automotive market. Latest industry data, reported on by Nikkei,...



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