Continue to spend your vacation money in Greece


Despite the wishes of traitors Zaev and Dimitrov to build a friendly atmosphere with our southern neighbor, even renaming a highway that does not connect with Greece to “Friendship”, it seems that the neighbors to the south are not so friendly to Macedonians.

At least 10 people returning from the extended Easter weekend in Greece have reported their license plates were ripped out after Greek customs officials decided they didn’t like plates whose vehicles carried the Macedonian country code, “MK”.

According to one of those who came back to Macedonia without his license plate, the customs officers were very arrogant and literally ripped out the plates of at least 10 vehicles, damaging the vehicles in the process, yelling “there is no Macedonia, Skopje”.

They were given a document that their license plates were taken away and sent on their way. So if you have extra cash on you, are short of functioning brain cells, then Greece is your vacation spot.