Criminal clans within Macedonian Government continue with firefights


This morning on street Anton Panov in the Macedonian capital, shots were fired from a moving vehicle at a man later identified as Filip Andov, city advisor in Zoran Zaev’s Government.

Andov was involved in the USAid financed protests of 2016 and is a well known SDSM activist with thick criminal dossier having been arrested six times for various crimes (producing fake IDs, fraud, falsifying documents etc). Recently Andov ran over a pedestrian at a crosswalk, however police never filed any charges.

At today’s incident, four bullets were fired at Andov, however all four missed. After the incident, Skopje media reports Andov visibly scared and upset phoned Zaev and Spasovski asking for protection. Spasovski in turn has called every policemen in the capital on patrol in an attempt to resolve the case.


  • Legenda Patriot

    Why cant these people shoot straight?

    • V.M.

      I asked myself the same thing. What a wonderful opportunity missed…