Dimitrov and German MP debate each other in Ohrid – no one shows up


Отворена дебата во Охрид

Директен пренос од Охрид!Министерот и амбасадорот им беше на гости!

Posted by Излези ЗА Македонија on Friday, September 14, 2018

SDSM’s Jani Makraduli, Ohrid mayor Jovan Stojanovski, FM Nikola Dimitrov and Germany’s minister for Euro integration Michael Roth accompanied by their security personnel gathered at Ohrid’s amphitheater where they debated… each other.

The plan was to debate locals, however… not even the mayor’s family was willing to show up.

FB users launched a tirade of mocking aimed at SDSM as the party has failed to gather any sort of following for their “name change” campaign.

Meanwhile, here is SDSM’s Stevo Pendarovski campaigning in Bitola…

Точно 13 битолчани дојдоа да го слушаат Стево Пендаровски за Северна