EU Head no longer capable of dressing himself


A new video shows EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who has been dogged by rumors that he’s a hardcore alcoholic, wearing different colored shoes during a public event.

The clip shows Juncker interacting with an aide, who appears to notice that one of his shoes is black and the other is brown. Juncker then shuffles away awkwardly, leaving the podium.

Respondents to the clip were not impressed.

“The leadership of Europe can’t even put the same colour shoes on,” commented one.
“Drunk again. This man should not be in charge of a tea party,” added another.

“And yet he’s managed to outwit not one but two brexit secretaries,” quipped another.

This is not the first time that Juncker has been accused of being drunk in public.

During a NATO gala back in July, he was caught on tape stumbling around and being overly affectionate with other world leaders, two of whom end up having to prop him up.

Juncker also has a bizarre habit of slapping people in the face and acting generally a bit demented.