European champs HC Vardar to receive royal welcome by Macedonians


Vardar will touch down in Skopje at 18:50 this evening, and will proceed from the airport to the Macedonia Square, where they will be welcomed by expected tens of thousands of fans.

An entry through the Macedonia Gate – an honor reserved for champions – is planned for the team who won its second EHF Champions League yesterday evening, winning over the Hungarian Veszprem team.

Macedonian State TV will allegedly broadcast the arrival, which is ironic considering the SDS run state TV had blocked all matches of HC Vardar, including the European Final.

Posted by Kurir on Monday, June 3, 2019

SDS delays HC Vardar’s flight from Germany, twice, using NATO’s Stoltenberg’s visit as an excuse. Flight was scheduled to arrive at 14:30, then 16:30, then was moved to 18:30, and now it’s moved to 20:30 hrs.

Zaev’s junta delays flight for a fifth time, now scheduled for 21:45. Doing whatever possible to reduce the fan attendance and celebration.

Never the less, fans patiently waited at the Airport, often chanting a message for the junta:

Meanwhile, here is what SDS mayor Petre Shilegov thinks it’s an appropriate stage for the European champs…