EU’s Zbogar married to a Kosovo broad, wants Macedonian language law implemented quickly


Third rate Slovenian diplomat who left his Slovenian wife and two children to marry an albanian working girl from Kosovo who rose quickly through the ranks by sleeping with the right people, has encouraged the Macedonian Government to implement the language law and ignore the legal framework, constitution and the president of the country.

The EU has a lengthy history of sending morally bankrupt and dubious personalities in Macedonia. Whether it is Irish pedo Erwan Foure who slept with 15 year old boys, or homosexual Aivo Orav who had noted relationship with ethnic Albainans in the Macedonian Government, to the latest trash out of the EU, Slovenia’s Samuel Zbogar who is considered the most morally bankrupt individual in his own country, according to Slovenian media. And one can see why, as EU ambassador to Kosovo, frequented brothels and ended up marrying one of his clients.

Today, Zbogar is EU’s ambassador to Macedonia despite being personally compromised by being married to a woman from Kosovo, who openly sent a wave of terrorists to attack Macedonia in 2001.

According to him, the implementation of the Law is very important for improving interethnic relations. Zbogar is of the opinion that the implementation of this Law does not in any way jeopardize the Macedonian community, in fact it will help them.

We reached out to Zbogar’s office to find out what substances he is on, but received no response.

  • Its Just Me

    Well he is not the President so he.. does not matter..
    Second, if he thinks albanian is so good for the country, first implement it in Slovenia, and then we will see.

    • Goran Stavreski

      I was in Ljubljana last year, they have lots of shiptars there, but no one is allowed to utter a single word…. and the authorities won’t give them any documents, they are slave labour.

      • jj

        Didn’t Slovenia finally build its first mosque a few years ago?
        I remember a Slovenian on a forum talking about Albanian vegetable and fruit sellers in Slovenia, as if it was proof Slovenia was good to the Albanians.

        • Its Just Me

          yes, i think Slovenia is really really good to the Albanians, they should all just go there.. all together with Zbogar

          • jj

            Isn’t the Albanian population in Macedonia shrinking? I thought that is one of the reasons why there’s been no recent census in Macedonia, and that they are desperate to push the language law without it or before a new census.

          • V.M.

            Yes. They were officially around 14%, but that was before the visa liberalization. Now there are villages with no people, most albos have left for Switzerland, Germany,…. with no intention of ever coming back. Now they might not be 10%, that why all the craziness…

          • jj

            Do you know if they are leaving Kosovo too? But I have a feeling Macedonia’s and Albania’s Albanians have moved there to take up the slack of others leaving.

          • LXV

            Last year there were reports about Kosovars leaving for Germany in droves, but since then I’ve also read Germany got tired of them “asylum seekers” and is deporting them back.

  • Its Just Me
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