Famed US TV Host with a eulogy: Goodbye America


Famed actor and economist Ben Stein recently published a piece eulogizing our great nation in his weekly online diary.

Titled, “Goodbye America,” the farewell letter to the Republic condemns the modern corporate-run government and its authoritarian censorship.

“We have no Constitution,” Stein announced in his subheadline. “July 2021. A month that will live in infamy. If there is such a thing as ‘history’ in the Biden–Orwell–Soros omni-dictatorship, July 2021 will mark the month that the Constitution, the ‘greatest work ever thrown off by the hand and mind of man,’ as Gladstone put it, was thrown into the Ministry of Truth Memory Hole.”

The well-known lawyer explained that July marks the month the “superpowers of the tech world, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo, admitted to working with the Biden/NKVD administration to suppress free speech.”

NKVD was the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs in Soviet Russia, which was essentially a secret police agency Stalin used to purge society of dissenters.

Stein continued to describe how many people argued over the past few years that Big Tech companies can silence whoever they want because they are private businesses and “that the First Amendment to the Constitution protected us only against Congress and the executive branch suppressing free speech.”

He did reference one popular historical example of the Supreme Court ruling against a large U.S. steel company suppressing the free speech of its workers while they were on company property.

“Now, in the year 2021, the iron curtain has come down hard,” Stein continued. “With Big Internet Tech and the White House now admittedly colluding to identify and suppress dissidents, even completely nonviolent dissidents, we no longer have a Constitution.”

There is just one big corporate–government–IngSoc superstate running everything. Goodbye, America. The GOP, with 50 senators, does nothing. The state legislatures, by far a majority GOP, and the spineless Supreme Court do nothing. And so goodbye to the greatest experiment in the history of the world,” Stein elegantly stated.

Closing his public diary entry, Stein recounted the historical anecdote of Ben Franklin telling an onlooker who asked if America is a Republic or a Monarchy that we have “A republic. If you can keep it.”

“God help us,” he somberly concluded the piece.

Every patriot in America can likely sympathize with Ben Stein’s sentiment.

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Stein made headlines in March after he told the world about the severe adverse reaction he suffered following the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination.

Stein described, “wild side effects. Like I had the worst flu in the world, extreme shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking. It has just been devastating.”

Social media sites and other Big Tech platforms censored Stein’s personal testimony at the time, which could have opened his eyes to the draconian dam the establishment has built to stop the free flow of information.