Fire at Environmental Agency meant to destroy evidence of crimes with IPA Funds


The State Environmental Inspectorate suffered the most damage in the fire that engulfed the building that used to house Komercijalna Banka a few days ago. The fire, which according to initial information was caused by the obsolescence of the electrical installation, affected the archive of the Inspectorate and part of the offices.

This raises the question and opens dilemmas whether any documents that indicated the misuse of funds from European projects, intended for projects in this area, were burned.

Did the fire at Environmental Inspectorate destroy documents indicating crime with IPA funds?

The opposition DPNE also inquired about this.

Here we are publicly asking, and I would also call on the media to investigate the case, whether it is true that documents and reports that indicated misuse of funds from EU projects that were stored right here in the State Environmental Inspectorate, intended for this institution, asked the party’s spokesperson Dimce Arsovski.

The head of the State Environmental Inspectorate, Fejzula Spahija, confirmed that all the documentation had been burned and that the damage was yet to be assessed.