Fundraiser for Macedonian Patriots Kire and Cane Gjorgjievski


Dear readers,
The treasonous Macedonian Government has detained and jailed two of our patriots, Kire and Cane Gjorgjievski for their patriotic activities on April 27th.
The prosecution office today upped their charges from “preventing officials to perform duties” to “attempted murder” of UCK terrorist Zijadin Sela.

We’ve received emails from readers to start a funding campaign, and we also strongly believe it’s our duty as Macedonians to help them:
first – to get good attorneys and fight the charges (they were preventing a Coup).
second – if they receive sentences, their families will still need financial assistance.
The minimum sentence for ‘attempted murder’ is 5 years.

It’s good to know they are not forgotten, because they aren’t.

Donate as much as you can, if you can do $5 great, $10 even better, it’s going for our patriots. Whatever we raise, MINA will donate $500 on top of it.

We’re getting in touch with Gjorgjievski’s family and their representatives. Link is below.

Thanks in advance!