Hong Kong protesters vandalize ‘wrong’ Bank, write apologetic graffiti


Protesters in Hong Kong have been targeting Chinese banks in an attempt to send a message to Beijing – but the tactic has led to a slight mishap after a Hong Kong-based bank had its windows smashed. Don’t worry, they said sorry.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday, throwing petrol bombs and smashing up shops and metro stations. Chinese banks were also singled out for vandalism – but correctly identifying these targets has proven to be difficult.

Photographs that circulated on social media show a badly damaged front of a Bank of East Asia (BEA) branch. BEA is an independent bank based in Hong Kong, a fact that protesters grasped only after smashing its windows. After realizing their ‘mistake’, the protesters spray-painted “Sorry wrong bank” on the just-destroyed windows.


Chinese banks were obviously not afforded the same courtesy. Photos show several mainland-based institutions targeted by unapologetic vandalism during Sunday’s unrest.