Italy refused to participate in US&UK Attack on Yemen


Italy opted not to participate in the recent US-UK strikes on alleged Ansar Allah targets in Yemen, an anonymous government source revealed, citing the preference for a “calming” approach in the Red Sea as the reason for Italy’s decision.

The source further noted that the government would have required parliamentary approval to engage in any military action, rendering swift authorization unattainable. Meanwhile, according to US officials, logistical and intelligence assistance for the strikes was offered by the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Bahrain.

Later,  Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said the US informed Italy of the airstrikes on alleged Ansar Allah targets in Yemen a few hours before the attack.

“We were informed about the attacks this night several hours in advance, but we cannot send troops and take part in military operations without discussion in the parliament since the constitution does not allow this,” Tajani was quoted as saying by Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper.

This comes shortly after US Air Forces Central stated in a press release that airstrikes in Yemen targeted over 60 sites associated with the Ansar Allah movement across 16 locations.