Italy’s Carabinieri Raid the Home of Twitter User for Posting the Truth on Migrants


A prolific citizen journalist in Rome has reportedly been raided and by the Carabinieri (police for the Ministry of Defense) and accused of ‘spreading racist ideas’ on social media.

For example:

Antonio Mastantuono, who up until June 13th ran @RadioGenoa on X – which frequently shared videos of illegal migration into Europe, explained in a GoFundMe to pay for his legal expenses, that he has been “falsely criminally accused of owning some extremist sites and spreading racist ideas.”

On June 13th at 7 am, the Carabinieri from the Anti-Crime Unit of Rome entered with a warrant from the Rome Prosecutor’s Office to search my home and seize my PC and iPad Pro that I was using for workThey also seized my phone card and also my X RadioGenoa account and my Google account. The passwords have been changed by the Carabirinieri and at the moment I do not have the credentials to access them.

For this reason I have been silent on X for two weeks. At the moment I cannot say anything else because the investigations are still ongoing. Their goal is to censor and limit freedom of expression and speech.”

According to X user Wall Street Silver @WallStreetSilv, Mastantuono “was doxxed by left wing media on Dutch TV in May,” after which “many left wing activists have been making false reports to the police about him to try to shut down his reports about illegal migrants in Europe.

The investigation is related to a Telegram channel that Antonio has no connection to. Someone created the Telegram channel and just used similar branding to piggyback off of @RadioGenoa. He is accused of racism and Nazism, none of which he does on his X account.”

 @WallStreetSilv further reports that Mastantuono’s attorneys have advised that Roman authorities are “just trying to intimidate” him so he stops sharing videos on X related to illegal migration in Europe.