Kosovo PM vows to turn over Court verdict and free Kosovo terrorists


Former terrorist turned politician Ramush Haradinaj vowed to turn over the Skopje Court verdict which sentenced group of 32 terrorists to lengthy prison sentences over the attack and killing of 8 Macedonian policemen on May 15th, 2015.

In a speech in front of 150 protesters, many of whom were relatives and friends of the jailed terrorists, the US protectorate PM said the Skopje Court verdict isn’t important because it was brought by illegitimate authorities. Only an “international investigation” led by the United States can be considered valid.

The protesters first spent time in front of Prishtina’s government building, and then marched on to the Macedonian embassy.

What is remarkable about the entire process is that the sentenced terrorists admitted both verbally and in writing their terrorist actions were coordinated by the US Base Bondsteel. They were simply the proxy in the entire scenario, however, despite the testimonies, the Court never pressed charges against anyone at the American base in Kosovo!