Londoners rumble with Climate ‘activists’ who blocked Electric Trains


Extinction Rebellion’s planned protest to disrupt public transport in London during rush hour took an unexpected turn when commuters dragged the activists off a train roof before staff came to their aid.

The scene unfolded at Canning Town Tube station on the Jubilee line, where the protesters were besieged on all sides of the trains before being unceremoniously dragged back down to Earth and dumped on the platform.

London Underground staff were forced to intervene to defend the protesters from the angry crowd.

Elsewhere, five activists blocked the Docklands Light Railway at Shadwell, climbing on board the trains, with at least one climate activist gluing themselves to the door. Commuters vented their frustration at the alleged hypocrisy of the protesters for blocking electric mass transit, as well as their perceived disregard for the well being of the public.

“What if someone needed to go to hospital or something,” shouted one commuter.

Police have confirmed at least four people have been arrested so far for their part in the protests.

Extinction Rebellion launched the current wave of its divisive and polarizing form of protest on October 7. Since then, some 1,642 people have been arrested for their part in the planned civil disobedience.

The group invoked Rosa Parks on its Twitter feed, attempting to draw an equivalency between their climate protests and her fight for racial equality in the US.

And who is financing these protesters?