Macedonian Consul in Croatia asks Government: What sort of monkeys are you appointing as Ambassadors!?


Goran Kalogjera, a long-time honorary consul of the Republic of Macedonia in Croatia is horrified by the attitude of the staff at the Macedonian Embassy in Zagreb and the sheer disinterest of the state towards the function of the Embassy.

On his Facebook profile, Consul Kalogera asks the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain who is in charge at the Macedonian Embassy in Zagreb? Officially, the ambassador there is someone named Nazif Xhaferi who is neither heard of or seen at the Embassy.

Kalogjera, who established the Macedonian Language Department at the University in Rijeka and who independently financed the functioning of the Macedonian Consulate in that city, offered to resign right away.

“I’ve asked a question to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Macedonia, who is the person in charge of the Embassy in Croatia? Is it Xhaferi or his secretary Ms. Koloska? There are many Macedonians in Croatia who can never get in contact with the Embassy in Zagreb. An Embassy is there to provide assistance to their citizens, I can’t help Macedonians here because I am not authorized to do so, however it appears the Embassy isn’t either. Does anyone work there? – wrote Kalogjera on his FB page. ”

And if you think this is bad, there is a trend started by the DPNE to appoint albanians as Ambassadors around the world, and this trend had tripled under SDS. Vasko Naumovski in the US will now be replaced by another DUI official, completing a sweep of albanian “diplomats” running Macedonian consulates in the US.

Majority of these “ambassadors” have zero qualifications, they were/are sent as political payments by both DPNE and SDS in an effort to keep DUI in their coalition partnership and maintain slim majority in Government.